Mihingare  Secondary School Scholarships
provided by the St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board

Trustees will not be considering any NEW scholarships in 2022 or onwards.

EXISTING scholarship recipients will be supported till the completion of their studies, subject to conditions.


The Mihingare (Anglican) Secondary School Scholarships are for Māori secondary school students are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need, leadership qualities/potential, and a satisfactory educational background.

For all existing scholarship recipenets who received funding in 2021, continued financial support requires:

1. Confirmation of enrollment for 2022

2. Confirmation of academic results

3. A 500-word / picture summary / report from the scholarship recipent on their previous academic year 

The St Stephen's and Queen Victoria Schools Trust was established by the Anglican Church in 1961.


The Trust’s purpose is:

"The advancement and propagation of education for children in New Zealand, principally for girls and boys of New Zealand Māori descent but including peoples of all races and denominations, principally through the provision and management of schools and the provision and continuing development of an integrated curriculum which features foundation teaching, learning skills and excellence and blends elements of Māori concepts and Christian values with the New Zealand education curriculum".

In 2016 the St Stephen's and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board established the Mihingare Scholarships to achieve the purposes of the Trust in order to enable Māori to succeed as Māori and access quality educational pathways.


The Mihingare Scholarships are valued at up to NZ$7,500 each, to help cover the costs of secondary schooling – school fees, boarding fees, books, school uniforms, etc.

Note that this scholarship is not intended to cover all costs and there is an expectation that parents/whānau/guardians will also contribute towards the total costs of the schooling.

Scholarship funds are generally paid directly to the secondary school. In certain circumstances the Trust may elect to make payment directly to parents/whānau.

Award conditions

  • Your scholarship is conditional on enrollment into the secondary school and Year Level stated in your application;

  • Your scholarship must be taken up in the year following confirmation of the scholarship;

  • The period of your scholarship is one school/academic year, and you are expected to complete a full year. Leaving school part-way through the year a proportion of the scholarship will have to be repaid;

  • Should you change schools during the year, your scholarship is not transferable to another school and any continuation of funding will be subject to a new application to the Trust.

  • You must fulfill the necessary reporting requirements which will include providing copies of school/academic results;

  • If a recipient moves from Boarding to become a day pupil, the must be St Stephen's and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board and the scholarship will be reviewed.  

  • You will endeavour to attend any events that the St Stephen's and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board invites you (and your whānau) to attend. Also, you may be asked to fulfill some media requirements before, during or after your scholarship.

How do I apply?

For Existing Scholarship Receipeients - please email by 1st December, with the supporting documentation as listed above.

Applicants will be notified by 20th December regarding whether they have been offered a Mihingare Scholarship.